Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ducati Elenore 868cc V8

Ducati Elenore 868cc V8

Ducati Elenore 868cc V8

Dieter Hartmann-Wirthwein, who we saw some time abet among his 4 cylinder 125cc Monkey Bike, was working on a Ducati V8 project. It looks like the engine project is finished and he's even got a patent because the connecting rod arrangement using the original 900SS crankshaft. Think about that, the indicated is a V8 engine using the original 2 cylinder 900SS crankshaft! From the drawing, you bottle see the over pistons connected by a pivoting rod, but what is hard on see is how the connecting rod is connected to the inner pistons so equally not on interfere with the pivot rod. It would be really accessible on see unusual extra perspective drawings, but it take in the sights ingenious. I'll post more drawings in reverse photos as I get them.

Ducati V8 patent drawing

The cylinders enjoy a 44mm bore and 56mm stroke for a displacement of 868cc. Using the original 900SS crank, the engine respond in the 900SS frame. This boy is good, superlative work!

Thanks, Hugo, because the van up!

Link: Wirthwein Motoren

Ducati V8 customary 900SS frame

Ducati V8

Ducati V8 cylinders

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