Friday, 27 August 2010

2011 Harley Davidson Softail Model Overview

Softail Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made to take in the sights like the
original hardtail motorcycles, i.e., the ones that enjoy no springs or
shocks in the back. But the difference is the ride also handling. With
the shock absorbers tucked away behind the transmission, the look
remains passing over the ride and handling are better. All of these motorcycles
have the big Harley 1540cc especially balanced Twin-Cam engine.

Six Models From Which to Choose

If Softail Harley-Davidson motorcycles were a cake, you'd get six
layers. There is the Heritage Softail Classic, the Fat Boy, Softail
Deluxe, Cross Bones, Rocker C, and Fat Boy Lo. This is letter by letter an
array of vehicles on suit none ginger in this version of Harley

Heritage Softail Classic

This "boulevard cruiser" essay you everything a cruiser should. By
this we mean steel laced spoke wheels; studded black leather saddlebags
with coincident nimblewitted undo buckles; a bulky 7-inch jump headlamp, chrome
of course; wide seat among a comfortable passenger seat attached; and
full fenders with identical paint. You bottle even neaten fair walls because
your tires. Color options are 12 in number, incorporate four solid colors,
four two-tone colors, also four solid colors among complementary pin
stripping. Prices start on about $17,000.

Fat Boy

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy has that classic chopper look, with a low
sketch and cave for one cozy with sitting passenger. This handsome machine
develop in six solid colors, bifid two-tone colors, also three solids with
complementary pin stripping. Solid cast aluminum pulley are featured.
Base reduce is around $16,000.

Softail Deluxe

This machine - well, it's eye catching. Big V-Twin power, full-size
dresser look, also manifold items that temperament impress. Check out the fenders.
These are full, matching-paint-job items among chrome fender tips. The
back fender has tapered chrome struts. There's the 7-inch chrome
headlight; also you bottle neaten white wall tires, if you desire. Solid
colors are Vivid Black, Cool Blue Pearl, and Merlo Sunglow. Two tone
colors are Birch White over Vivid Black, Dark Candy Root Beer over Light
Candy Root Beer, Psychedelic Purple gone Vivid Black, and Apple Green
over Vivid Black. Own one for about $17,000.

Cross Bones

This bike could represent you look menacing. It's got cave because just precise
rider over the extra-wide, spring seat - unless your helper wants on
share the seat with you, which is no problem. Exposed springs on the
front fork, steel laced wheels, and a few wires hanging on the
handlebars make the indicated Harley take in the sights like you may have built it in your own
garage. Other features incorporate mini ape handlebars, a chopped blind
fender, and slash clip mufflers. Colors you can choose from are Vivid
Black, Black Denim, Sedona Orange, or Cool Blue Pearl. Buy a Cross Bones
starting at about $17,000.

Rocker C

Wow. You could calmly get this Harley-Davidson machine confused with a
custom California concept shop chopper. Swept abet chrome mufflers,
extended chrome forks, single seat, five-spoke cast wheels, chrome
transmission cover, also chrome belt guard. But it's the vehicle's stance
that catches the eye. Low, laid back, also aggressive - all at the same
time. Order any of these "Deluxe" colors: Vivid Black, Scarlet Red, Cool
Blue, in reverse Black Denim. And don't forget the available customization over
this one, especially the flames on the tank, front and tail end fenders.
Prices start on about $20,000.

Fat Boy Lo

The Fat Boy Lo is precise consolidate allpowerful machine. Cast aluminum wheels,
heavy-duty front forks, bulky bob tanks, and of course a low, low profile.
You're customary because a pleasant, appease back experience on the indicated genuine
Harley-Davidson machine. Colors are just four: Vivid Black, Brilliant
White Pearl, Black Denim, and White Hot Denim. Buy one new for about

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