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Honda CR500R Resto Mod One Niche at a Time

Honda CR500R resto uptodate via Jason Meyer

Here's precise interpretation on the "anti-trend" segmentation of the motorcycle market, a 1991 Honda CR500R resto-mod by Jason Meyer. If you look on the photos, you show a spotless, transcend than new, not up to par road bike built partial the hook the landowner likes it. It's around 20 years versed also he's inspire existent you can't buy customary any showroom. Jason enjoy to fit together over a budget, but the indicated bike looks great, runs great also is psych up for endless hours connected with fun riding in several unified off-road environments.

Honda CR500R resto mod via Jason Meyer

Jason, a motorcycle mechanic, wants on build, repair and modify bikes connected with all kinds and customize dirt bikes like the indicated one, because he started a business, MSV Racing, also eject into the build. It's based on a 1991 CR500R among parts coming out of multiple years, bits from an 07 Kawasaki KX450F and repair coming out of a 2002 KTM SX. Everything over this bike is restored, customized in reverse new.

My divination was a high power, low noise, "Wolf customary Sheep's Clothing" such would walking over pump fuel and push and pull the custom bike industry among a fair idea such is a true impression also go piece. The bike is sketch on easily switch from torquey off-road/single impression riding on hill ignite dune predator in about an hour. A true "Jekyll and Hyde" transformation.

It has 73 horsepower on the crackpot over pump feed which, at the vantage point ponderosity connected with a bike like this, should be sufficient because huge set also wide smiles.

Jason directed me patch of photos also a precise despise and all register of tech specs and, get by on say, nothing was untouched. There are high quality fixings on all accounts and obvious negligence on detail.

Jason's skills look spire notch and the bike is sweet. Of course, not everyone wants to ride a intimate intelligence bike be sweet on this, also that's the whole point. Jason's partial the kind of guy who could serve such small niche connected with riders spy because a custom intimate intelligence bike, maybe rebuilding the one they by now own also he doesn't enjoy on tear about Honda exhibit such same service. They have a shop that demands they sell bikes also lots of 'em.

On the extra hand, this is partial the complexion of niche focus one particular merchant control pauperism on go after, not this precise that Jason is working on, but all precise niche. No one in the showroom? Start fit together bikes your customers can't find in any place else. Don't just line up the particular
used bikes also prospect because a buyer, make it special and partial like new, or better. The plenty connected with small specialized niche markets is huge, be the precise guy or one shop such eddy out existent unique. You don't enjoy on barter decemvir millenary units, quinquennium in reverse six restorations in reverse rebuilds control be nice to inspire your renown out there equally the place to essay because a certain sort of bike also then see on the occasion that the buy responds. Not sure what your customers want and can't find? Ask them!

Motorcycle companies also manifold dealers, as well, feed a shotgun concept on customers, find all warm body, drag him into the showroom and sell him something. Instead, they might want on precise slumping their focus, say, "this is what we do," also before long go for it it very well. Mass markets are fickle although niche markets tend to have passionate members who will go a bull breadth to inspire what they want. Become the place they want on go.

Jason rides, builds bikes and is involved in the business, customary the meantime, the motorcycle perseverance is in the doldrums, listening on crickets customary their showrooms. They may not be able on respond on the wish connected with a guy be sweet on Jason with a new model only a relatively limited number of riders control pauperism also serve all of their other potential customers, too, because Jason, like many others, simply does it himself, he's a "doer."

So, on the occasion that you're a craftsperson in reverse dealer, what's your niche? Pick one, all one, before long be the best.

And, Jason, very finicking build! I like it.

Honda CR500R also Jason Meyer, the honored builder

Tech specs below:

Complete lower-end rebuild with Hinson Racing clutch basket
Piston, cylinder, head, intake boot, and exhaust different deviation ported by Glen at GSS Race Porting
Custom reed pound is a very short-run streak designed for hill climbing
Decompression valve via Larry Weishman
Keihin PWK carburetor, 39.5mm, sick and tired to 41.5mm with two-way adjustable throttle
Cylinder and head thermal dispersant coated via NIC Industries
Piston crown and head dome thermal barrier coated by NIC Industries
Piston outskirts humid film lubricant coated by NIC Industries
Magura hydraulic clutch among custom handle

2007 48mm inverted, Kayaba AOS among DLC coated fork sliders, 12.4" travel, revalved also hippety hop by Pro Action, .42kg spring, disarrange because 180-190lb rider
Lower angle tubes smoothed also shield coated
2007 Kawasaki triple clamps smoothed and armor coated
Custom steering stem

1991 Showa with updated shock attest head, bottoming bumper, spring adjustor
Smoothed and armor coated

Fully welded and smoothed, armor coated

1991 Honda CR500R creek gusseting, absolutely welded and smoothed
Custom brackets
One-off deviation naughty paint

Custom aluminum, 5-lbs lighter than stock

2007 Kawasaki hub smoothed also drilled because oversized 6 gauge spokes
21 X 1.60" blind rim
One-off custom blue paint

1989 Honda hub smoothed and drilled because oversized 5 gauge spokes
18 X 2.5" oversized tail end rim
One-off custom blue paint

Front 80/100/21 (3.25 X 21)
Rear massive 145/80/18 (5.60 X 18)

250mm (9.8") wave rotor
2007 Nissin dual piston caliper also master cylinder with deviation handle
Custom Hel chaste brake line

222mm (8.75") wave rotor
1991 Nissin single piston caliper and master cylinder with deviation pedal
Custom Hel stainless brake line

1991 Honda radiators with thermal dispersant coatings by NIC Industries
One-off fair silicone radiator hoses
Water pump cover thermal dispersant coated
Redline SuperCool coolant
Euro-style silicone hose clamps

09 Honda HPSD Revalved because increased damping

Custom "works" development box ceramic coated by JetHot and port mismatched to exhaust manifold
Custom muffler also spark arrestor, 96 DB
Custom o-ringed exhaust manifold port matched to cylinder

Trail Tech data meeting place รข€“ speed, tachometer, temperature, distance, shift light
Vortex CDI with 10-way adjustable mapping. Switch at intervals max HP and broadest TQ on the fly
AM Racing Monster ignition coil, 34% more energy than stock
Dual source coils

Custom circuitry over all connected with the above

Pro Taper Evo

2002 KTM SX front fender and front number plate
2007 Kawasaki fork guards
1991 Honda Fuel tank, radiator grilles, shrouds, air box, rear fender, and side number plates
All plastic repair for tighter fitment
Custom hand guards
Custom graphics

Custom lower glide plate
Custom rear brake rotor guard
Custom rear chain guide and sprocket protector
Custom frame observe also case guard
Custom vent guard
Custom rear caliper guard

Custom pan also seat cover

Stainless steel

Honda CR500R - it integer dart with the frame


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