Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ducati Team - Indianapolis GP - Race

Ducati Team – Indianapolis GP – Race


Nicky Hayden was exhausted of occasion on his home Grand Prix today, the American losing his knee slider far ahead in the race. It is a limited but crucial repair connected with contraptions for the riders considering it helps them support the bike on saturated lean angle. As comparable it was a near out of the question task because Hayden but he rivet customary a nervy effort to heel his bike home in sixth place.
Casey Stoner didn’t make the sans pareil of dart but was quickly represent up ground also was almost to challenge Valentino Rossi because sixth coincident on the eighth lick when he forget the front and crashed.
NICKY HAYDEN, Ducati Team 6th
"I shush can’t believe what transpire – I am so disappointed. I was being precise gone the primitive few laps because in that heat the track was very greasy. I lost the blind slightly over the tertiary
lick and collar my over knee on a drain cover over one connected with the kerbs, right point the knee slider attaches on the velcro. There are because manifold left-hand corners here… coming out of such peculiarity on I had to feed it really steady, I couldn’t push anywhere and finished relevant with a huge vent customary my leathers. I am incredibly unsatisfied considering we had on the pace to rivet customary a set today.”

"I am very unsatisfied – it was a nothing prang passing over certainly it was satisfactory to restriction me out of the race. I experience a patch connected with people have had blind heel crashes passing over apparently on hand at Indianapolis we enjoy gone back on the situation we were in at the start of the season also we’ve struggled to bring to light front-end feel in the corners. It is a real shame considering we enjoy good pace also I think we could enjoy been on the podium.”
"What happened on Nicky is really incredible but he did brilliantly on grain the race customary that situation and finish it because well. I am gutted because him considering he was in competitive notched also gone out over a possible podium.  Casey crashed just at the peculiarity when the tyre he enjoy chosen was coming relevant to its optimum level and he was recovering well passing over forget the front. It is a defile because postern five podiums in a row he could enjoy enjoy another precise here."
Circuir Record: Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha – 2009), 1'40.152 151.545 km/h
Best Pole: Dani Pedrosa ( Honda 2009), 1'39.730 152.186 km/h

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