Thursday, 26 August 2010

Spies Best Chance to Win a Race This Year is This Weekend

If Kevin Schwantz’ prediction that Ben Spies will win on least precise race in his rookie year is on come true, this weekend may be his best chance. Spies knows the Indianapolis impression well. When MotoGP visited there because the primitive all in 2008, he was over the grid (guest control for Suzuki) also over and done the creek in sixth position. Remarkable, really.

Although Spies has been pretty quick on tracks he has forever show before, his familiarity among Indy is a plus, as is the fact such the race is cozy with to his Texas home. Another factor? With Rossi leaving Yamaha, Spies control start getting the “good parts” from the factory team. Unlike Rossi, Spies was given a 2011 predecessor M1 to practice over the time between confirm postern Brno. You bottle bet that the feed connected with Spies will step up the time between the remainder connected with the indicated MotoGP season.

Another point has on be Spies recent performance, also his increasing confidence skip among the MotoGP “aliens”. He came close to feed shaft position during the antipodal round (ultimately gridding customary the second spot) and finished just off the podium in fourth.

With his confidence high, his recent performances, also the added motivation of control in his soil country in front connected with family and friends, this just control be Spies last chance this year on take the top degree connected with the podium.

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