Tuesday, 31 August 2010

CB550 Cafe Overkill from Jeff Stephens

Cafe Overkill CB550 by Jeff Stephens

When you think of repair an versed Honda CB, the discretional for many is the CB750, but recently, we've show and stereotype connected with craftsperson control the CB450 in reverse the CB550 as a starting point, also it makes you uncertainty why we haven't seen and connected with them before.

Jeff Stephens operates a limited shop exhausted of his garage called Godffery's Garage fit together also repair bikes because his customers. He was now a cafe affair when a prospect approached looking for something special. After questioning the customer also narrowing down what he enjoy customary mind, Jeff began work over a precise CB550 and his only restrictions were a puce trim and a Benjis tank. With such kind of freedom, he began fit together and since the bike wasn't pristine to break ground with, he had not at all qualms almost clip off and tossing the unnecessary bits and pieces.

Cafe Overkill CB550 via Jeff Stephens

Jeff says he go for it a lot of factfinding along the way and went via many changes in the build process. With spending plan cave to go for it it right, he focused over quality, he wanted a lot and than a customary connected with clubman bars and a bump polestar over his build, that seems to be where to boot many cafe projects begin and end.

Cafe Overkill CB550 engine closeup

Why twin shocks? Everyone is doing mono conversions. Why exterior fork springs? He indulge in the look. Why a hydraulic clutch conversion? He hadn't seen precise on a CB550 before. Jeff took a lot connected with in forge ahead shots additionally the way because you can see the exclusive build process and it's alluring to show the recite work and fabrication that goes within a project like this.

Cafe Overkill CB550 brake closeup

I cerebrate the end emerge is a really sharp bike. It's and one connected with those minor shift rides everyone sound to be claim for these days, of course, albeit the CB550 was new, it was no small bike, more of a middleweight. Times uncompromising enjoy changed.

Cafe Overkill CB550 customary progress

With builds like the indicated emerge up, maybe a lot more craftsperson will break ground spy at the indicated limited sister to the well known and maybe charred CB750. There's a patch of 550s out there partial waiting to be restored or turned into affair like this. I like it.

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