Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Suzuki DR650 Street Tracker

DR650 Street Tracker via Mike Sternick

Whenever we talk almost all around motorcycles over The Kneeslider, the kind connected with bike you can control none zenith not at all matter where you're going, someone will mention the Suzuki DR series, a bike capable connected with feed over both urban streets in reverse the exclusive off pathway foray. The comment is usually along the scratch connected with "someone should repair a DR" or "I was consider almost converting a DR." Mike Sternick, on the other hand, did more than think almost it, he in fact did the work also the end emerge looks pretty good.

The DR is a exclusive cylinder duplex consider bike also comes from the factory trim customary the usual off road garb, a look which might turn out of the and dead end oriented rider, regularize though that same rider might love the bike. Hmm ..., what to do.

DR650 Street Tracker by Mike Sternick

Well, here's what Mike says he did:

The suspension's been lowered 3" among a 18" front also 17"rear rim. I used the stock seat panel and just recut the foam. Rear shield is off a trailer. Side panels were cut coming out of layer stock left gone coming out of added project. I'm not sure what the tank is not up to par of, an old AMF maybe. The exhaust is one not up to par among a two sister muffler a friend parcel out me. A limited blustering for the neighbors but just becomingly because me.

DR650 Street Tracker

This street tracker shush retains lots connected with suspension globetrotting but sheds the off road look and trim like this, would fit in almost anywhere Mike decides on take it. It's amazing after what precedent a few origin apprehending exhausted barter dramatically alter the appearance. With lots connected with control DRs for sale, someone might get the idea connected with trying this themselves.

Nice work, Mike!

DR650 Street Tracker from Mike Sternick

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