Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Kawasaki W800 Retro On Its Way?

Kawasaki W800 Retro On Its Way?

This is a picture of the Kawasaki W650 such was available for negotiation customary the United States because partial a couple of youth (I believe 2000 and 2001).  It was available customary other buy down to 2008, and was generally well-received by the couple the press and enthusiasts who bought one. 

It is rumored such Kawasaki is about on debut a successor displacing more or less 800cc and celebrated as the W800.  The original W650 enjoy a 360 degree crank, operative kick starter and other retro influences intended on mimic a British twin connected with the 1970s.  The W800 is expected to enjoy more power (coming from the greater displacement), fuel injection (replacing the carbs on the versed model), and possibly a disc tail end control (the W650 had a roar in back).

If the W800 does appear the indicated year, it temperament presumptively be emerge first this fall on Cologne, and we enjoy no idea whether it will be represent available in the U.S. market.  If you own an versed W650, post a comment with your impressions connected with the bike.

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