Friday, 27 August 2010

Summer Guide: Harley Davidson Men's Jackets

When you are exhausted on your Harley, having a good jacket isn't regularly
about shield warm. It can and be about safety customary the function of a crash.
That is the major consider customary the summer months. Still, looking good customary
genuine a Harley Davidson jacket is a vile thing, too. Whether you are
looking for the jacket for the summertide months only, or something on wear
all year round, Harley should have a jacket such will go for it the job with

Rain Jackets

Harley Davidson cobble a exclusive line connected with rain gear, and there are
jackets in the line. While all the pouring suits include a jacket, the particular

looking exclusively because jackets will find two offerings. With a
manufacturer's represent retail price of between $215 also $225, the
Men's Rain Jacket among Gore-Tex Paclite Material is waterproof,
windproof also breathable. It comes customary one color only, a two tone dark
and vantage point grey combination. It includes reflective Harley Davidson
graphics over the back. With an MSRP connected with $295 to $315, the FXRG Rain Jacket
with Gore-Tex Paclite Material comment most connected with the constant things as the
other rain jacket, but is black with reflective striping and has more
bells and whistles.

Functional Outerwear

Harley also has a whole line they call "functional outerwear." These
items selection from hoodies to mesh jackets and leather jackets. There is
really a bearing because beautiful breadth every rider. Colors selection from black on
grey and even Harley orange. Some jackets are polyester mesh, others are
leather and some are canvas. With a wide range connected with choices, your best
bet is to check Harley's website because options in reverse go into your local Harley dealer.

Casual Outerwear

The "Casual Outerwear" line from Harley Davidson is more almost
fashion that it is almost protecting you from the elements. Just like the
functional outerwear line, though, they offer a lot connected with choices. You can
get nylon, parchment or canvas jackets in various styles and colors. A
visit to your local dealer or the Harley Davidson website is probably
the best option for deciding which precise fits your style.


Harley Davidson's FXRG line is sketch to exhibit the sunlight
keeping you cooler. That's especially highup in the summer. In
addition, they are built to be more durable. In addition on the rain
jacket mentioned earlier, Harley has three FXRG jackets. The entrylevel
expensive connected with the three is the textile jacket that costs customary the
neighborhood connected with $500. The leather jackets (they have a perforated
leather and a mid-weight) are in the $600 supplementary range.

Leather Jackets

Harley Davidson goes among leather jackets like bike tires essay with the
open road. Harley currently essay 32 different parchment jackets with
styles and designs to fit each rider. If you are spy because a Harley
leather jacket, their website or your dealer is the sans pareil place to

Whatever your particular bearing or jacket needs, it's a safe bet such
Harley has a jacket to suit you. If you want versatility you bottle even
get a lighter jacket and buy Harley's heated jacket liner ($220-$230) to
use it customary the colder weather.

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