Friday, 27 August 2010

Ducati Will Focus Its Technical Resources on Product Development and Will Not Participate in the 2011 World Superbike Championship With a Factory Team

Borgo Panigale (Bologna – Italy), 27 August 2010 – Ducati, having participated among a factory set in none edition connected with the World Superbike Championship by reason of it break ground in 1988, winning 16 Manufacturers' world titles and 13 Riders' world claim along the way, has decided to brim its participation to the supply of agent and feed to private teams. 

"This ruling is part connected with a precise racket made by Ducati, the aim being on further increase technological content customary bearing models such will arrive on the buy in the coming years. In order on achieve the indicated objective, the company's scholarly resources, until promptly engaged with the control of the factory Superbike team, temperament instead be dedicated to the development of the new generation of hypersport bikes, in both their homologated and Superbike creek versions," declared Gabriele Del Torchio, President and CEO of Ducati. "I would like to say thank you Nori and Michel, and integer connected with the clarification that have contributed on the bull history connected with Ducati in Superbike, but exceeding all the Ducati employees; it is their hard work and professionalism that has give carte blanche us to achieve comparable important results. A hulking thank you and to all of the partners that kill supported us, first and heavy Xerox of course. I would and like on respond the Flammini brothers who enjoy managed the championship for so long, also the FIM, the organism among which we enjoy continuous, constructive relations."  

By represent this highup decision Ducati aims to development the speed and efficiency with which it transfers elevate technological solutions, currently tested in the prototype championship, to the production series. The duty connected with testing innovative technical solutions customary Superbike tear temperament then be entrusted on external teams in the coming years, teams such will enjoy the chance on receive technical support from Ducati personnel. This choice will allow the set to concert from regularize more competitive agent and parts.

Despite the ruling to interrupt its official participation customary the World Superbike Championship, Ducati will continue to work, customary collaboration among the championship organizers, extra manufacturers and the FIM, to define a technical regulation aimed at incorporate costs.  

Strong in the sporting spirit such enjoy always give carte blanche this craftsman to compete, line-up against its rivals, also win, it is guts for Ducati to identify, together among the other interested parties, solutions that bottle guarantee the future of the championship in the medium-long term.  

Recently the Superbike World Championship, conform to the current regulations, enjoy been comment as moving more towards competition between prototypes rather than for bikes derived coming out of production machines. This has draw on an development in costs, both because the manufacturers also the set share customary the championship. This picture does not correlate with the current worldwide economic situation, which has made the securing of sponsorship even and difficult. Ducati trusts such the work fail out by integer parties temperament lead to improvement and in this area.

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