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2011 Harley Davidson VRSC Model Overview

2011 Harley Davidson VRSC Model Overview

The V-Rod or VRSC (acronym because V-twin Racing Street Custom) line of
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is unique customary some special ways. Based
loosely over the drag racer V-1000 superbike, the VRSC was first
introduced customary 2001. Why are these vehicles different? Three oversized
factors: a liquid-cooled Revolution motor, over-head cams, and gas tank

The liquid-cooled Revolution motor was lengthen jointly with German
car maker Porsche. In overgrown to it body a non-air cooled motor (rare
for Harley), the Revolution engine over the VRSC is fuel-injected and enjoy
overhead camshafts. Displacement on the Revolution engine is 1250cc's
which produces about 84 lbs. ft. of torque and about 120 horsepower.
Transmission is a 5-speed and the bike is belt driven.

The gas cask location deserves special mention. Probably the first
time the gas tank is not reside in front of the rider (unless you want
to count long-gone Harley-Davidson golf carts also snowmobiles), the tank
is actually beneath the seat. What looks be sweet on a gas cask on these bikes
is merely decoration. Gas cask capacity is five gallons.

The Harley-Davidson VRSC comes in two varieties because 2011: the Night Rod Special and the V-Rod Muscle.

Night Rod Special

The Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special incorporates the black-on-black
color dodge connected with the factory's Dark Custom models. This means black
frame also black/chrome motor. Many connected with the other parts, which are
normally chrome, comparable as the battery cover, transmission cover, also
parts connected with the exhaust pipes, are also black on this model. The Night Rod
Special comment a slipper-type clutch, 240mm liberal rear tire, and
available ABS. Standard on the Harley Night Rod Special are slotted
aluminum pulley also Brembo brakes. For 2011, represent choices are Black
Denim, Sedona Orange, Chrome Yellow or Brilliant Silver Pearl, among
matching fairing. MSRP for the Night Rod Special is $14,699.

V-Rod Muscle

The styling on the V-Rod Muscle is unmistakable. The bike comment
straight, duplex exhausts among one crossover; the 1250cc water-cooled
Revolution engine; and air scoops that imitate the exhibit vents connected with muscle
car era. The exhibit scoops are non-operational but hitch on greatly on the
cosmetics connected with the bike. Check out the shorty rear shield and the forget
aggressive look connected with this vehicle. Cast aluminum five-spoke wheels add to
the attitude. Only solid colors over this Harley bike. Tiny enemy seat --
for a tiny-butt buddy! The great-looking staggered three-gauge
instrument cluster is ignite customary red, yellow, and orange. Gauges are
exhibit on a cast, angled handlebar. Price for the V-Rod Muscle starts
at right around $15,000.

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  1. Harely Davidson is at a crossroads. Cancelling Buell has led performance enthusiasts away from Harley, and the only offerings available now are re-issues of the V-ROD and, thankfully, the XR1200, which without the new V&H race series would be mediocre at best. Will they ever be able to develop a bike again?