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ACE Fireball 535 Royal Enfield High Performance Kit

ACE Fireball 535 Royal Enfield High Performance Kit

ACE Fireball 535 Royal Enfield high set engine kit

What we have here, fellas, is the ACE Fireball 535 Royal Enfield high performance engine kit. You take your stock, exclusive cylinder Royal Enfield Bullet also among the overgrown of this kit, turn it into a real, ... well, fireball. No, you're not cave on challenge all connected with the buck racers exhausted there, but compared on any stock Royal Enfield, you'll be the sir to beat, seriously. This thing is fast. A video showing an impromptu drag race at intervals the ACE prototype also another repair Bullet makes it clear what a bounce in horsepower also set these modifications deliver, the ACE Fireball simply runs out of from the other bike.

ACE Fireball 535 Royal Enfield high set engine kit

This load was lengthen gone the last 5 years on get around the shortcomings of some other Royal Enfield restless such were very race oriented, which meant lousy street etiquette also enigmatic reliability. RE landowner wanted more set but vile manners also something such would last.

So, what exactly is the ACE Fireball 535? The prime repair is the modified cylinder head. The developing and engineering was go for it under the supervision of Joe Mondello, one connected with the most famous names customary cylinder head modification. In fact, exclusive head is control signed via Joe Mondello himself, also individually serial-numbered, they've even created a registry because documentation.

Tom Lyons, precise of the helper (along among Sumanth Janardhan aka "Chummaji") behind schedule the ACE, sent me a real truckload of information over the kit (I think he's very honored of it!) also it's feed me still a although to trim it all.

ACE Fireball valve gear

The work break ground when the customer's cylinder head arrives. It is shed and pressure cleaned. The van inspire new valve seats, the intake and exhaust landing are think to a full Mondello high-velocity, high-flow porting job, and the polestar inspire a untrodden multi outlook valve job. Custom stainless steel Manley Racing valves among narrower stems are installed in untrodden plug guides with modern keepers holding the PAC Racing stress-relieved competition beehive springs. The hippety hop sit on hardened precision-ground spring shims with custom-made titanium upper valve hippety hop retainers over the extra end. There are also precision-ground hardened-steel lam caps over the tips of the valve stems also Viton valve control seals restriction dry flow. This unimpaired plug spring structure is seated into a machined recess that is cut within the van shed for the purposes of represent cave because the indicated very different plug spring set-up. It is NOT a "drop-in" package, and there is considerable machine work needed on get this plug gear system within the head.

The combustion chamber is coated among a silver-gray Thermal Barrier coating of the CER-MET(ceramic/metallic) type. This slows the ignite transfer coming out of the combustion chamber into the head casting, because the head walking cooler, and more heat is retained customary the box to represent more power. It also feed resistance on detonation because the surfaces cool quickly also do not retain heat as breadth equally the metal substrate. The beard of both valves also receive the indicated same coating to shield them skip cooler.

The exhaust port is also coated customary a black Thermal Barrier coating that is regularly ceramic material. The purpose connected with this coating is to cut off the alloy van shed coming out of permeate up unwanted heat coming out of the exhaust gas stream as it exits the van via the port.

The result is a completely modern, high set cylinder van for the Royal Enfield Bullet, something to awaken the cyclopean within.

But wait, ... there's more!

There's also the ACE Magnum Cams. I could essay into all of the detailed specs but basically, the Ace cams are sketch to be a "hot street," NOT a "full race" cam set. They are targeted at a reasonably higher rpm range because power production, while not cave smaller than sterling piston speeds would allow among the improved bottom-end parts. The engine remains manageable and "street-mannered" because it idles well and enjoy torque accessible customary the lower and mid rpm range. You bottle have joking externally having on slither it tight.

Wait, what was that about "improved bottom-end parts?" Those are represent relevant connected with the ACE piston, 3mm larger than stock diameter also forged coming out of 2618 alloy, control Total Seal piston rings also connected on a steel Carrillo tag on rod. As an option, you bottle get the Thermal Barrier "CerMet" coating on the crown, which shield the piston running cooler, and the skirt is coated with a Moly Dri-Lube coating.

Rebuilt crackpot with polished flywheels, Carillo racing rod, also Alpha roller big-end bearing

They also have custom torque layer for shield the Bullet cask distortion limited the time between boring also honing plus there is a Mikuni TM32 flatslide carb, a Barnett clutch also a finicking exhaust system to spire it all off.

Here's ACE plenty 1 over the dyno, hitting the rev limiter on 6200 rpm:

ACE Fireball plenty precise has about 16,000 miles on the piston also bottom heel and 4000 miles on the Mondello van also all in all is running great. It also clocked 103 mph over the GPS speedometer, with the bags on! For the particular
connected with you who have ever ridden a Bullet, you know that's definitely quite a bit gone stock. It's ridden every day on the highways at intervals New York and Philadelphia.

Tom sums it relevant the indicated way:

In essence, the emerge are a origin 500 exclusive that rides with the authority and set of most 650-750 origin twins be sweet on the Triumph Bonneville T120. Torque is available customary great load coming out of just not up to par idle, integer the hook to the 6000rpm redline, with a torque peak connected with 38 ft-lbs @ almost 3700rpm. Horsepower peaks at 37.1 at the rear wheel, on about 5700rpm (We've doubled the rear-wheel hp connected with the selection bike). A precise wide and brave powerband. Very easy kickstarting, great worthwhile stability, great control around city and customary the city, also can really cauterize up the pathway over the twisties, and percuss 103mph. Cruises over the super slab at 80mph externally problems.

It's a niche-bike such is aimed at the real-world riders who need to "have it all", and not just a race bike. This bike delivers in spades, in every category, incorporate 70-75mpg fuel economy.

Here's Fireball number 1 among the drag race beneficial the end of the video. Sounds great!

Before anyone asks, yes, Tom has already enjoy powwow with Aniket Vardhan about installing the ACE Fireball kit in Aniket's 1000cc Musket right now customary development. Sweet!

OK, what is the price of entry?
Ace Mondello head mods (on customer's van casting) $1000.
Custom hand-matched intake different (pinned and flowed), $100
Ace 535 Forged Piston among pin also brim $295. Coated add $50.
Ace Magnum Cams $350/set.

Barrel also bottom heel work, Carrillo rods, Alpha bearings, major bearings Mikuni carbs, exhaust systems, etc, P.O.R.

I hope a lot connected with Bullet owners take a heavy take in the sights at this kit. It could cause wonder the heck exhausted connected with some origin bikers out there equally they inspire dusted by an unassuming Royal Enfield.

Very, precise finicking looking kit among patch of developing behind schedule it. I like this a lot.

You can find Tom on the Yahoo group for the ACE

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