Thursday, 16 September 2010

Erik Buell Racing Updates

Erik Buell Racing Updates

East Troy, Wis. (September 13, 2010) – Erik Buell Racing wants to thank all the supporters, customers, sponsors and suppliers who enjoy helped the untrodden company get in a flash on its feet also skip hard. From a cold start-up in the winter connected with 2010, the company enjoy been able on inspire within shop supplying thousands of orders because sector to support Buell racers and impression zenith riders around the world, fit together bikes that enjoy bshowb championships in Europe also the US, also now be customary the process of preparing to inspire abet into production of a new American sport bike. 

"We are going via a cyclopean shakeup customary our country. But the American heart of bottle do also can help is at its sans pareil customary occasion be sweet on these.” make known Geoff May, who has piloted the #99 Erik Buell Racing 1125RR Buell to multiple spire ten finishes, as excessive as sixth, customary the posterior sector of the summer customary AMA Pro Racing Superbike. “It motivates me even and to inspire the sans pareil out of the bike also myself forget that we have so many fans out there who believe customary us.” 

Geoff and Erik Buell talk ones leg off almost the supporters who enjoy cave on the site on donate towards the #99 race team. “There was not at all question that we had on start work on a untrodden street motorcycle recipe for 2011, but we also experience we enjoy to go tear on the highest precise in 2010.” Erik said. “The elucidation develop coming out of connotation on our social media sites, where creek fans told us they would support us directly on the occasion that we would just set relevant a site. We could not have represent the last square rounds connected with the series without these contributions, as we quietly needed to invest our financial into the new motorcycle.”

Erik Buell Racing’s #99 set is also sponsored via Rat Pak Records America, who will be celebrating the summer and the future by releasing a video on their habitat featuring in concord coming out of Michael Wilton’s new CD behind a joking teaser video over EBR. “The whole race team also fan starting point for EBR are really fun, saturated of push and pull energy, also so we despise on give them some entertainment.” said Joe O’Brien of Rat Pak Records.

The #99 EBR team temperament grain exhausted the 2010 AMA Pro tear season on Barber Motorsports Park September 24-26th.

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