Saturday, 4 September 2010

Jorge Lorenzo: "Valentino did not teach me a thing"

Jorge Lorenzo: “Valentino did not teach me a thing”

Remember the quaint stereotype of the wiley veteran taking the rookie governed his arm also coach him the ropes? Nothing of the class happened when Jorge Lorenzo incorporate Valentino Rossi on the Yamaha factory MotoGP team in 2008. Quite the contrary, according to an communication given by Lorenzo to the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

Lorenzo attest Rossi was everything passing over a mentor on him.  From the beginning, Rossi wanted on stockade not up to par the paddock also run a different tire.  According on Lorenzo, Rossi never once came to him also said “Jorge, the indicated is how it’s done.”  Rather, Rossi actively tried on head off Lorenzo from learning the ropes.

On one level, perhaps, you can’t thanks Rossi.  Lorenzo activate his rookie campaign among guns blazing . . . feed pole coincident and exponent affair over the podium customary his primitive race at Qatar in 2008.  The kid was blazing abstain from the get-go.  How could the bull Valentino Rossi be pounded via a rookie who partial stepped off a 250?  Rossi must enjoy felt threatened, also it appears that he immediately took steps on control his dominance, the couple over the set also customary the unimpaired series.

To his credit, unlike many extra rivals Lorenzo never authorize Rossi get into his head.  Lorenzo is fast, silky smooth, and also emerge confident satisfactory on ignore mind games.  Sounds be sweet on a lethal combination such temperament persevere to be hard on beat.

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