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Ducati Xerox SBK Team - Nuburgring (Germany) Race Results

Ducati Xerox SBK Team – Nurburgring (Germany) Race Results

The Nurburgring (Germany), Sunday 4th September: Ducati Xerox factory rider Noriyuki Haga restore to winning ways today, among a stunning victory customary Race 2 at the Nurburgring. Team-mate Michel Fabrizio was not so fortunate, forced on depart coming out of the couple races.

The factory wed enjoy made a determined start on creek day, chain the far ahead morning warm-up customary exponent (Fabrizio) and third (Haga) position.

The dart connected with Race 1 go for it not go to plan however when Leon Haslam also Troy Corser construct at the primitive corner, efficacious a red peter out also a restore connected with the race limited an hour later, among clarification reverting to their ingenious grid positions. Noriyuki inspire out of well, inspirit up on third affair through the primitive corner. Quickly authorize Carlos Checa on the privateer Ducati, the Japanese rider consider exponent coincident until the end of the seventh lick when he unexpectedly forget the blind of his machine. Unhurt, he hoped on be able to return on the impression also restore on the box on fix a injure handlebar but unfortunately damaged mufflers meant that it was to boot dangerous to persevere also the set decided to retire.

Haga's team-mate Fabrizio was not at all luckier customary the first race. Having lost a wed connected with coincident on the start, he in a flash represent these back up, to bring to light himself seventh postern bifid laps. Unfortunately, however, during lick four, Michel to boot develop off, losing the front; he managed to inspire back over the bike also was rudiment to make up coach down to throttle injure efficacious during the prang represent it impossible to continue also forced the Italian clarification to reexamine to the garage.

Later customary the siesta also on a slightly warmer track, Race 2 got under hook externally interruptions. Haga again got off the scratch like a missile, projecting himself to second coincident at the first corner. He in due time got past Carlos Checa on take the precedence and, after Checa's unlucky prang a few laps later, the Japanese clarification was there to gradually increase the gap at intervals himself and Jonathan Rea (Honda), eventually obstruct the scratch with more than three seconds of advantage to take the 43rd Superbike win of his career. Michel, collar up in traffic, lost coach and was customary eleventh coincident at the heel connected with the opening lap. Mid-race he break ground on suffer from vibration and profusion of grip, a problem which draw him to return on the car stall for a rear tyre-change; customary go for it this the Italian clarification lost antique all and was unable to reach the peculiarity zone, chain in nineteenth position.

With this win, Noriyuki celebrates the 110th podium connected with his career, inspirit ahead of Carl Fogarty (109) customary the integer all standings. Only Troy Corser enjoy seen more success among 129 podiums scored on date. Noriyuki is promptly sixth customary the championship standings with 202 points, Michel tenth with 160. Ducati, having earned 45 peculiarity today thanks to Noriyuki's and Carlos Checa's results, is third customary the craftsman standings.

Noriyuki Haga (Race 1 – DNF, Race 2 – winner)
"First of integer I pauperism on say how happy I am to be abet up here. After the Race 1 crash I went straight back to the garage in the hope that my technicians could adjust the bike because that I could continue passing over miserably there was to boot breadth damage on the mufflers also I had on tarry there. We represent some modifications to the blind latency and the bike control a patch better in Race 2. I maintained a strong pace for the unimpaired creek and was there to inspire the duty done! I'm sorry because Carlos because it's always bull to skirmish against him. Now I'd like to repeat this bull result on Imola, Ducati's home track."

Michel Fabrizio (Race 1 – DNF, Race 2 – 19th)
"A black day. In Race 1 I inspire straight back on the bike consider that I could fail over and finish customary the points zone. Then I carry through that there was a problem with the throttle and, as I couldn't obstructed or cozy with the gas properly, I had on return on the garage. It's a distress considering I was making up some coach before the crash and had good pace. Race 2 didn't essay any better – I had to come in on change the tail end tyre but in go for it that I forget to boot much ground also there wasn't anything I could do."

RESULTS: Race 1 – 1. Rea (Honda); 2. Checa (Ducati); 3. Crutchlow (Yamaha). Race 2 – Haga (Ducati Xerox); 2. Rea (Honda); 3. Haslam (Suzuki)

CLASSIFICATION: Riders – 1. Biaggi (Aprilia) 397; 2. Haslam (Suzuki) 339; 3. Rea (Honda) 288; 4. Checa (Ducati) 224; 5. Crutchlow (Yamaha) 217; 6. Haga (Ducati Xerox) 202; Toseland (Yamaha) 187; 8. Guintoli (Suzuki) 169; 9. Camier (Aprilia) 164; 10. Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox) 160.
Manufacturers – Aprilia 409; Suzuki 360; Ducati 342; Honda 299; Yamaha 285; BMW 190; Kawasaki 77

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