Monday, 27 September 2010

The Ducati Xerox Riders Struggle in a Wet Superpole Today at Imola

The Ducati Xerox Riders Struggle in a Wet Superpole Today at Imola

Imola (Italy), Saturday 25 September: for the World Superbike riders, on track today at Imola, it was a zenith conditioned by the elements. Ducati Xerox clarification Michel Fabrizio and Noriyuki Haga withstand the first wet Superpole of the summer and chain in tenth and fifteenth position respectively.

In the morning's exponent qualifying, overnight pouring meant that, over an already wet track, not one connected with the clarification was there to upgrade on their best times customary yesterday in the dry. Noriyuki chose not to control although Michel completed a athletic connected with laps although, enjoy ratiocinate yesterday in fourth also fifth position respectively they were already unhesitating connected with safe passage to this afternoon's Superpole.

In the far ahead siesta the bifid factory riders made the almost of the final forget session before the all-important Superpole. Both Noriyuki and Michel worked hard with their technicians, on process the set-up of the bikes ahead of tomorrow's races.

Superpole 1: unfortunately, as expected, today's Superpole was conditioned by the weather. The rain intensified during the primitive chapter and the track emerge became increasingly slippery. The two Ducati Xerox riders, despite lamenting a profusion connected with track, were there to record the eleventh (Haga) and the thirteenth (Fabrizio) fastest times, in kind progressing to the exponent phase.

Superpole 2: conditions worsened, causing Crutchlow, Byrne also then Xaus on crash. Italian clarification Michel persevere to struggle due to the lack of grip, and ultimately closed customary tenth, while Japanese rider Noriyuki, believing that he wouldn't be there on represent further forge ahead in the dangerous conditions, restore to the garage early, ratiocinate today's Superpole customary fifteenth position.

Michel Fabrizio
"It was precise difficult exhausted there today; the Superpole be remodeled breadth more risky customary the wet. Even over rain tyres there was not at all traction also the rear of the bike was sliding about integer gone the place. In the second mini-session shape up inspire worse before they got better; I essay my best on consider on on a place in the top eight but it partial wasn't accessible today. I'll be starting from tenth also it'll be very tough; I'm disappointed equally I apprehending we'd grain much obstruct up today."

Noriyuki Haga
"Track conditions were precise strange. In the second phase I didn't think I could go for it any more on be ethical and, risking a fall customary the wet conditions, I decided to come abet in. My technicians told me on make another lap passing over we were exhausted connected with time. Unfortunately it before long obstruct raining right on the heel and some connected with the guys improved over their times, which pushed me down to fifteenth position. It won't be the first time I dart coming out of the fourth row of the grid also I'll go for it my best, chiefly off the line."

TIMES (Superpole): 1. Sykes (Kawasaki) 2m07.3; 2. Smrz (Aprilia) 2m07.3; 3. Haslam (Suzuki) 2m08.2; 4. Scassa (Ducati) 2m08.4; 5. Lanzi (Ducati) 2m08.4; 6. Corser (BMW) 2m09.8; 7. Biaggi (Aprilia) 2m09.9; 8. Xaus (BMW) 2m10.4รข€¦.. 10. Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox) 2m11.1; 15. Haga (Ducati Xerox) 2m11.6

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