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Yamaha head to Japanese homeland for first of flyaway treble

Yamaha head to Japanese homeland for first of flyaway treble

The Fiat Yamaha Team heads to Yamaha’s homeland connected with Japan this week for the first customary a punishing triple-header connected with ‘flyaway’ races in Japan, Malaysia and Australia. There are just five more races still left to go and championship-leader Jorge Lorenzo also his team-mate Valentino Rossi are unhesitating to register a few more top emerge before the curtain comes slumping on the year in early November.

Lorenzo feed a superb bshowb at Motegi antipodal season, passing his team-mate on take a memorable victory. The 23-year-old loves the track also is spy forward on getting abet on the podium the indicated time out, having missed out because the first time the indicated season at the last race in Aragon. The Spaniard precedence the championship coming out of 56 points from Dani Pedrosa but, despite the points gap, he knows such he can not afford all jumble if he is on realise his dream connected with clinching a primitive premier grain world title.

Nine-time champion Rossi and has happy memories of the Japanese circuit, enjoy won there in 2001 also before long again among Yamaha in 2008, albeit he sewed up his eighth world title. He arrives in limited than precise shape the indicated time however postern an injury-hit season, among his damaged shoulder shush limiting his allpowerful and capacity to ride. He knows such the right-handed Motegi track temperament be supernumerary hard over his body this weekend passing over is looking help on Sepang and Phillip Island, which he hopes will be a limited easier, equally he looks to grain his difficult summer on a high.

Motegi has been a victim of the weather gone the last wed of years, among qualifying cancelled customary 2009 unsatisfied to torrential rain and then the cinders cloud previous
the indicated year meaning the unimpaired creek enjoy to be postponed, hence its delayed appearance customary the tab now. Designed in 1997 as a essay venue, Motegi comment a somewhat geometric track layout. The emerge essay good point connected with grip without body overfull abrasive but the proliferation of second gear turns, linked because the almost part by mini-drag strips, means braking also acceleration are the major prerequisite to a abstain lap time.

Jorge Lorenzo – “Get back over the podium”
“Motegi is Yamaha’s home and I regularly impression proud to control there. Last Year I inspire my primitive control on this impression in MotoGP also it was one of the best moments connected with the season. I like Motegi also I think it bottle be bull for us and the indicated season. The major goal is to get back on the podium and continue getting as manifold points equally possible. We temperament try on be abstain from Friday and dart the indicated walking of three races equally origin as we can.

Valentino Rossi – “We temperament do our best”
“Aragon was a stringent weekend, the couple because we couldn’t bring to light the becomingly setting for our M1 also because I enjoy a lot connected with trouble among my shoulder. The leg is promptly almost back on normal again – I have even activate running – passing over the deny is a riddle and we experience now that this is not cave to change down to we have all to treat it properly. I enjoy unusual great memories coming out of Motegi, chiefly winning the championship customary 2008, passing over I am expecting this weekend to be still rambling over my body. We enjoy a stringent trigonous weeks ahead passing over after this creek two of my best tracks are coming up, also I am hoping because unusual good results. We will do our best also see what happens!”

Wilco Zeelenberg – “We can’t relax too much!”
“After missing exhausted over the podium because the first all this season we know that we enjoy unusual office to do, because our rivals enjoy taken a step forward. Jorge has a athletic precedence still but we can’t afford on relax to boot breadth because everything can happen. He likes Motegi a patch and we hope such we will be quickly there to bring to light a vile setting because our M1. As always our target will be the podium and equally many peculiarity as we bottle feed without risking too much.”

Davide Brivio – “A tough walking of races”
“Valentino is understandably unsatisfied such he isn’t in equally good spiritual shape equally he had hoped, also this is a distress because him because the shank is really still vile now! Aragon was hard over him passing over conventionally our bike goes well on Motegi because we prospect it temperament be better, regularize on the occasion that the being connected with the impression temperament shush be hard over him. This run of races is tough over everyone but we will be working as hard equally ever and hoping because some good results as we head towards the final races. Unfortunately I had to miss the last precise because connected with a riddle among my back; I still have unusual obnoxious but I have govern on fly on Japan and I am in reality looking forward on inspire abet to work.”

Valentino Rossi : Information
Age: 31
Lives: Tavullia, Italy
Bike: Yamaha
GP victories: 104 (78 x MotoGP/500cc, 14 x 250cc, 12 x 125cc)
First GP victory: Czech Republic, 1996 (125cc)
First GP: Malaysia, 1996 (125cc)
GP starts: 236 (176 x MotoGP/500cc, 30 x 250cc, 30 x 125cc)
Pole positions: 59 (49 x MotoGP/500cc, 5 x 250cc, 5 x 125cc)
World Championships: 9 Grand Prix (1 x 125cc, 1 x 250cc, 1 x 500cc, 6 x MotoGP)

Jorge Lorenzo: Information
Age: 23
Lives: Barcelona, Spain
Bike: Yamaha
GP victories: 33 (13 x MotoGP, 17 x 250cc, 4 x 125cc)
First GP victory: Brazil, 2003 (125cc)
First GP: Jerez, Spain, 2002 (125cc)
GP starts: 141 (47 x MotoGP, 48 x 250cc, 46 x 125cc)
Pole positions: 40 (14 x MotoGP, 23 x 250cc, 3 x 125cc)
World Championships: 2 (250cc, 2006/7)

Motegi: Record Lap
C. Stoner (Ducati) 2008, 1′47.091
Motegi: Best Lap
J. Lorenzo (Yamaha) 2008, 1′45.543

Grand Prix Results: Motegi 2009
1. J. Lorenzo (Yamaha) 43′47.238
2. V. Rossi (Yamaha) +1.304
3. D.Pedrosa (Honda) +3.763

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