Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer Guide: Harley Davidson Women's Sunglasses

Summer Guide: Harley Davidson Women's Sunglasses

As a Harley rider you are passionate about your bike and the Harley
Davidson lifestyle. As summer go past around you presumptively bring to light yourself
hitting the obstructed road and often. Having the right costume is important
from a safety peculiarity of view, but you'll pauperism to go for it it in style. The
right sunglasses can feed unusual connected with that style. If you ride among an
open face busby or not at all helmet, sunglasses are and safety equipment.
They shield pathway debris and insects exhausted of your ocular also such can help you
to show better. Harley Davidson sunglasses are made with the couple bearing and
safety in mind.Harley has a wed levels of eyewear, regular sunglasses
and performance eyewear.


Harley has partial one women's style of requirement sunglasses. The HDS
479, the sunglasses enjoy a manufacturer's suggested retail price of
$30.00. They have a plastic frame, chrome heel repair and polycarbonate
lenses. While there is only one bearing for ladies, there are discretional in
terms of frame and lens coloration. You bottle check these sunglasses out
on Harley Davidson's website, but they sell them only in stores. So, you'll wish on tarry via your dealer albeit you are psych up on purchase.

Performance Eyewear

Harley Davidson's Performance Eyewear scratch is specifically designed
with motorcycle riding in mind. They are built among durability in mind,
but Harley Davidson doesn't tarry there. In addition, the glasses are
meant on lightweight and on maximize road clarity no affair the
conditions. Those factors represent Harley Davidson Performance Eyewear a
great choice.

There are thirteen styles connected with Harley Davidson Performance Eyewear
available customary 2010 for female riders. While some of them are available
only in stores, you bottle order over half connected with them online. There are two
price peculiarity because the particular
glasses: $75 also $95.

$75 Glasses

Six styles connected with the lady's Harley Davidson Performance Eyewear list for
$75. The Allover Print comment Italian styling also the Harley bar logo
in the design. There are bifid recipe governed the "Spirited Performance
Eyewear" banner. Both comment Italian craftsmanship. One is called
"Diamond Ice" in terms connected with trim color and the others are gloss black
Both have smoke lenses. There are two styles under the "Jettison
Performance Eyewear" name. One is gloss black among smoke lenses also the
other is tortoise with amber lenses. The final $75 represent is bellow
"Cycle Diva Performance Eyewear" and they come customary black among smoke
lenses. The Allover and Spirited glasses are accessible in-store only,
but the others can also be purchased online.

$95 Glasses

There is a $95 certificate sketch connected with the "Cycle Diva Performance Eyewear"
and the difference is that the lenses transit based on light
conditions. The extra styles such walking $95 are the Silver Banner and
several development connected with a bearing called "Sassy." All but bifid connected with the Sassy
line can be shop in-store or online.

Sunglasses are more than a etiquette verbalization when you are a Harley
rider. That doesn't limited they shouldn't be stylish. You control a Harley,
so Harley shades are really sector connected with the picture.

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