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Fiat Yamaha return to Spain for new challenge at Aragon

Fiat Yamaha return to Spain for new challenge at Aragon

The MotoGP paddock van on ‘Motorland’ Aragon the indicated weekend for its last European tarry before the triple-leg overseas tour later the indicated month. The Spanish track is a new addition to the tab also both championship leader Jorge Lorenzo and reigning World Champion Valentino Rossi are looking forward on getting to the grips with what is known as a spectacular tear circuit.

This will be 23-year-old Lorenzo’s third creek on soil soil the indicated season and, with wins already chalked up on Jerez and Barcelona, the championship leader is restless on get added jeopardize on thrill the Spanish fans. He persevere customary the imperious system he has shown integer season, having won or stood on the podium on every precise also with his podium antipodal all out in Misano his 30th by reason of he break ground in MotoGP in 2008. Lorenzo shot a day confirm a Yamaha road bike on Aragon last month in order on familiarise himself with the track also is excited about the challenge connected with racing there.

Rossi took a trip exhausted to Aragon antipodal week, be sweet on Lorenzo feed a day on learn the nuances connected with the track aboard a Yamaha R1, and reporting back positively. The nine-time World Champion is gradually fit together abet on full nerve and was delighted with his podium customary Misano last all out, receptivity such both his bike and he are nearly abet to their best after his injury-hit season. He right now lies fourth in the championship passing over tertiary
is a accessible target also would be a superb emerge considering his discontent this year.

Aragon was drafted customary equally a replacement for the doomed Hungarian MotoGP round also will reside equally a ‘reserve’ turning because the MotoGP championship for the next quinquennium years. The track lies near the city of Alcaniz in north Spain, a scarcely any hours drive coming out of Barcelona. It was designed via Hermann Tillke and is well known to be an impressive impression among spectacular elevation changes also fast, flowing corners. In neaten to give the clarification adequate all on inspire on know the new track there temperament be square 45-minute practice sessions over Friday and Saturday instead connected with the usual trigonous one hour-long ones.

Jorge Lorenzo – “A fun place”
“It’s our tertiary
creek customary Spain but the first all on Aragon also I’m excited. I cave to test there antipodal month also it’s an amazing track. The primitive collar reminds me connected with Turkey and there’s a lot connected with relevant also down, it’s a joking place. I would be sweet on to go for it a bull race and dedicate it on Tomizawa. I hope lots of tribe passing over especially my impassion club are show considering I cerebrate it will be a good weekend. My aim is to get on the podium then and to push equally hard equally I can. We’re psych up to start working.”

Valentino Rossi – “Complicated and fun”
“Last week I rode an R1 at the impression also I really like it. It’s still troublesome passing over it’s a lot of fun also it’s fast, so I think it will be a real test. I think the sans pareil grain is the entry on eddy 16 and I am looking forward on riding my M1 there. Misano was a very sad weekend for our exhibit but promptly we’re looking help to a untrodden creek and we are foresee because a vile weekend because everyone in memory connected with Tomizawa. I am feeling stronger and fitter none zenith because I will be aiming because the podium then this time.”

Wilco Zeelenberg – “Not comfy to learn”
“It’s a great circuit and Jorge in reality loved it when we went there antipodal month. It’s very hilly, that is regularly fun, also it has manifold different types of corners so it’s not to boot easy to drink in passing over is an exciting challenge for the riders. Our target once again will be the podium also to keep scratch towards our target of the championship.”

Davide Brivio – “A new challenge”
“It’s exciting to be control to a new affair and connected with aqueduct after Misano it temperament be very interesting to see Valentino’s progress over his hook on recovery. It’s a fantastic track. We cave to show it last Wednesday also Valentino enjoy the chance on drink in it; he indulge in it a lot. It’s very technical, joking to ride also for sure integer the clarification will enjoy the untrodden challenge.”

Valentino Rossi : Information
Age: 31
Lives: Tavullia, Italy
Bike: Yamaha
GP victories: 104 (78 x MotoGP/500cc, 14 x 250cc, 12 x 125cc)
First GP victory: Czech Republic, 1996 (125cc)
First GP: Malaysia, 1996 (125cc)
GP starts: 235 (175 x MotoGP/500cc, 30 x 250cc, 30 x 125cc)
Pole positions: 59 (49 x MotoGP/500cc, 5 x 250cc, 5 x 125cc)
World Championships: 9 Grand Prix (1 x 125cc, 1 x 250cc, 1 x 500cc, 6 x MotoGP)

Jorge Lorenzo: Information
Age: 23
Lives: Barcelona, Spain
Bike: Yamaha
GP victories: 33 (13 x MotoGP, 17 x 250cc, 4 x 125cc)
First GP victory: Brazil, 2003 (125cc)
First GP: Jerez, Spain, 2002 (125cc)
GP starts: 140 (46 x MotoGP, 48 x 250cc, 46 x 125cc)
Pole positions: 40 (14 x MotoGP, 23 x 250cc, 3 x 125cc)
World Championships: 2 (250cc, 2006/7)

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