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The Ducati Xerox Team Return to the Racetrack this Weekend in Germany

The Ducati Xerox Team Return to the Racetrack this Weekend in Germany

The Nurburgring (Germany), Tuesday 31st August: after a month's break, the World Superbikes are ready on restore their puttputt and return on the racetrack; the next stop for the Ducati Xerox Team is Germany, and the historic Nurburgring.

Noriyuki celebrated podium success last season in Race 1 at the Ring but it was the previous year, 2008, such brought the almost satisfaction, with a double bshowb for the Japanese clarification at the German track, in injure connected with his control among a disobey collarbone! Michel on the extra hand is yet on step up on the Ring's rostrum, his sans pareil result in kind far a sixth place grain in 2008. Having restore to the SBK tab in 2008, after an eight year break, the circuit enjoy been characterised by some very unpredictable weather shape up that enjoy obstruct also cut precise races in the last bifid seasons. The historic Ring, reside in the pluck of Germany's Black Forest, has frisk host on motorsport function because more than eighty years; this temperament be the fifth time that the World Superbike kermis visits the track.

As the 2010 volume of the championship charges rapidly towards the soil straight, with only bifid rounds left to run after the coming weekend's German round, Nitro-Nori lies in 7th position while Uragano Mich is 9th customary the overall standings. Ducati holds third coincident customary the constructors championship.

Noriyuki Haga (7th customary championship, 177 points)

“I had a bull time here in 2008, feed a double bshowb in the face of unusual terrible shape up such messed relevant the appease running of creek day, but before long antipodal season didn't go on plan equally I activate in shaft but crashed exhausted connected with race 2 in a creek I was uncompromising I could have won. The problem at the NĂĽrburgring is such no-one can predict the shape up – we've seen the shine develop out partial short time postern a recommend mist so mixed conditions be sweet on those make it stringent on prepare for race day."

Haga's Superbike form at the NĂĽrburgring:
2009: Race 1 – 2nd, Race 2 – DNF
2008: Race 1 – winner, Race 2 – winner
1999: Race 1 – DNF, Race 2 – 6th
1998: Race 1 – 5th, Race 2 – 7th
Michel Fabrizio (9th customary championship, 160 points)

"I was disappointed to miss out on the podium at Silverstone because I'll be essay my best to get there at the Nurburgring. I really be sweet on the impression passing over haven't govern to make contact with the podium before. The ride out is so mixed connected with aqueduct also that can in reality mess relevant a weekend on the occasion that shape up change dramatically exclusive day. Anyway, we'll be looking on feed as many peculiarity as possible, also I'll have my ocular on a top trigonous finish."

Fabrizio's Superbike form at the NĂĽrburgring:
2009: Race 1 – 7th, Race 2 – 9th
2008: Race 1 – 7th, Race 2 – 6th


Country: Germany
Name: The NĂĽrburgring
Circuit length: 5.137 km
Pole position: left
Curve a sinistra: 6
Curve a destra: 11
Race distance: 20 laps = 102.74 km

LAP RECORDS: Best lap – Rea (Honda) 1'56.234 (2009). Superpole – Neukirchner (Suzuki) 1′55.471 (2008).

2009 RESULTS: Race 1 – 1. Spies (Yamaha); 2. Haga (Ducati Xerox); 3. Checa (Honda) Race 2 – 1. Rea (Honda); 2. Spies (Yamaha); 3. Checa (Honda)

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