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Yamaha Announces New 2011 Star Stryker and Availability in U.S. Market of Super Tenere and FZ8

Yamaha Announces New 2011 Star Stryker and Availability in U.S. Market of Super Tenere and FZ8

2011 Super Tenere

Yamaha made some 2011 represent announcements for the U.S. Market the indicated morning.  A number of our readers have expessed an interest customary the Super Tenere adventure bike previously available customary the European market, only.  Well, Yamaha is heel the bike on the U.S. for the 2011 model year via a “Priority Delivery Program” at Yamaha dealerships beginning in September.  To get one, you temperament have to place a $500 deposit with your dealer, also expect delivery of the bike rudiment customary May connected with 2011.  The origin U.S. MSRP will be $13,900, and the bike will be available in blue (as pictured above).

The Super Tenere was proved via MD here, and left a still favorable impression.  It essay huge gas cask capacity and having the right stuff handling, both on-road also off.  Yamaha enjoy stressed mass centralization, also the handling prowess of the Super Tenere, also far ahead returns indicate they hit the mark. 

2011 FZ8

Also available in the U.S. for 2011 temperament be the FZ8 Naked announced antipodal year customary Europe.  In manifold ways, it is a minor shift version connected with the U.S. buy FZ1.  At 779cc, it reportedly essay a vile mix of low-end torque also high-end pluck . . . a merging connected with the streak connected with 1,000cc nakeds with 600cc nakeds.  We will see what we think albeit we inspire a jeopardize to essay one.  Here is a link on Yamaha’s press release among integer the recite on the U.S, market FZ8. 

The only represent available is Raven (as pictured), at an MSRP of $8,490.

An plumb new represent coming out of Star temperament be start ball rolling because 2011.  The Stryker could be considered a respond on Honda’s Fury chopper customary the 1300cc category (the  Stryker displaces 1304cc).  Major differences are immediately apparent, however, equally the Stryker is a breadth and menancing-looking bike in integer black (pictured), although it temperament also be available customary Impact Blue and Reddish Copper on a slightly smaller MSRP.  Base MSRP connected with the Stryker is $10,990 because the Raven (all black model). 

We enjoy always been impressed with the set connected with Star’s fuel-injected cruiser v-twins, also we don’t faithlessness that the 1304cc Stryker will essay plenty of allpowerful for most riders looking for the indicated sort connected with motorcycle.

2011 Star Stryker

The Stryker has the requisite marked down seat superior of 26.4 one thirtysixth of a yard and wide 210-series rear tire.  The chopper take in the sights is helped via the 21 inch blind pulley also raked-out fork angle.  Star throws in veritable steel fenders and belt drive.

The 60 degree, v-twin, fuel injected engine is smoothed exhausted via dual counterbalancers.  Star pick up the uninterested looking exhaust system offers “a magnificant exhaust note” off the showroom floor.

Interestingly, Star goes on extensively about the excellent handling distribute via the Stryker despite the raked-out front end and huge tail end tire (often a detriment on handling, specially in combination).  Despite these chassis features, Star claims the Stryker has the couple “solid straight-line set . . . although at the same time providing light, nimble handling characteristics, even at low speeds.”  Here is a hitch on to integer connected with the Stryker recite provided in the press undo vent this morning.  Availability customary U.S. dealerships should break ground customary September of the indicated year.

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