Thursday, 23 September 2010

MV Agusta Releases Photos of New F3 Triple; Details Emerge

MV Agusta Releases Photos of New F3 Triple; Details Emerge

After months of speculation also sightings of a untrodden 675cc three-cylinder sportbike, MV Agusta released photos antipodal week connected with what looks like a pre-production model. According on rumor, speculation also educated guesswork, the bike could be under 400 pounds gassed up, make almost 120 horses at the wheel and be put a price on somewhere in the low teens. But temperament the bike be enough to finally turn MV into a profitable venture?

Although there is not at all information about the bike on MV’s website, plenty bottle be inferred from glare longingly on the high-resolution photos. That the bike is ready for production is likely; the parts take in the sights like production parts, slumping on the heat insulation over the exhaust fancier and the embossed MV logo over the sidestand. The bike’s "budget" (compared to other MV models) being is clear, too: the latency doesn’t look like big-bucks Ă–hlins, and though the four-piston, radial-mount control calipers are Brembos, they lack the impression puce lettering of the impression race heart the F4 has. Also, more parts—like the top triple clamp—appear cast rather than machined. Expect on employ and all riding this machine than gazing lovingly at it in your dust-free, climate-controlled garage.

But such shouldn’t be a just thing, either. The trim looks be sweet on Tamburini’s impression chromoly-tube birdcage, also the partly exposed motor has a tough, industrial look to it. If MV’s control used Triumph’s 675 mill equally a benchmark, expect the indicated motor to best it by 10 or 15 percent—maybe equally breadth as 140 hp on the crankshaft. Italy’s Motociclismo reports the bike temperament enjoy F4-style radial valves, a cassette gearbox and weigh customary at 354 pulse dry. I’d expect pricing on be inward 10 in reverse 20 percent connected with what Ducati is charging for the 848 EVO, which starts on $12,995 in the USA (and I am looking help to doing the comparison test). Anticipate a naked Brutale version customary the consequent year equally well.

Will this new represent change the fortunes of bump heads MV Agusta, a corps such because many years has lost much and financial than it’s earned? Five years ago, the answer would have been a much and solid "yes." However, in the untrodden Great Recession world, the shrunken buy for bulky motorcycles also tight credit buy represent it a limited crystal bet. An email to MV Agusta USA netted a bode for more information customary the consequent wed of weeks, so stay tuned.

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