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Llandough Flyer - Subtle Ducati 860 Makeover by John Pellew of Taimoshan Cycle Works

Llandough Flyer – Subtle Ducati 860 Makeover by John Pellew of Taimoshan Cycle Works

Llandough Flyer via John Pellew of Taimoshan Cycle Works

John Pellew connected with Taimoshan Cycle Works has wellrounded added badly repair motorcycle also this time, ingenious is the word. When we antipodal saying the office connected with John Pellew, it was the Taimoshan Super Cafe Racer, an Aprilia engine in a featherbed frame. This time, he's built what he calls the Llandough Flyer, a Ducati 860 GTS, with all connected with the "ugly bits" removed also redone in a and subtle also tasteful style.

Llandough Flyer via John Pellew connected with Taimoshan Cycle Works

According to John, the 860 GTS was a styling letdown for the Ducati faithful postern the 750 and 900SS. Mechanically precise but simply go for it wrong with too much plastic also a boring look. John feed a rather undistinguished 860 also decided on clean it relevant because regularly riding duties, parcel out it a little head down stance, single seat, clean frame also a black and masterly metal scheme. The result is a nice example of what manifold owners could do among a bit of time also effort.

Llandough Flyer via John Pellew of Taimoshan Cycle Works

John took the Duc down to the basics, stripped the frame and swingarm also painted in reverse polished as needed. He chopped the rear grab rail also subframe for the old polestar and rewelded the necessary repair because the untrodden single seat.

He detabbed the frame, cauterize up the factory welds and added tabs among Dzus fasteners because the untrodden seat.

He found a customary connected with Akront alloy flanged rims with chaste inspirit spokes also masterly relevant the rear control hub. He masterly and swapped the left also becomingly fork legs to move the calipers on the rear. John tossed the rubber gaiters also inaugurated new dust caps.

He cut off the handlebar spire mounting brackets, TIG welded the bolt holes, sanded and masterly the burden also cleaned relevant over over shed marks. He inaugurated Tarozzi adjustable clipons on get the right stance. He represent a new mounting bracket because the gauges from 2mm aluminum. New alloy headlight brackets clip the light.

The 860 had plastic handlebar controls, so John rivet the particular
customary the trash, finding some nice alloy British bits over eBay which polished relevant nicely.

Llandough Flyer by John Pellew connected with Taimoshan Cycle Works

He was cave to restore the cask but forfeit the ingenious actually looked transcend than unusual replacements he neglect so such repair survived the restyle.

He rewired the somewhat ratty also limited than totally selection harness. The starter enjoy already been removed by a previous owner also since it was known to be a discontent spot, he shield it kick start exclusive also bring to light it to be easy and discontent free. The battery is a heavy chore unit from a Buell XB12S, it's integer black, respond great and has patch of grunt should official regularly decide to reinstall an electric starter.

A light engine unspotted up, some Ducati developing feed hose and a good tune relevant were the all total go for it in the engine area. Nothing more was needed since it runs great.

Tarozzi adjustable loosen footpegs were installed on parcel out John a limited more room.

When you look at the finished build, unless official walking slumping the register of what John did, you might miss a lot of it, it's precise subtle but precise origin done. The end result is precise of those bikes that catches your eye because everything sound to fit together. Nice work, John!

Link: Taimoshan Cycle Works

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