Thursday, 23 September 2010

BSA B66 V-Twin by Doug Fraser

BSA B66 V-Twin by Doug Fraser

BSA B66 V-Twin by Doug Fraser

Flipping through a recent (August 2010) affair of Classic Bike Guide, I came over added one connected with those amazing home builds such take in the sights be sweet on a to perfection restored factory model, though the indicated model never was. It's a BSA B66 V-Twin, a bifold built coming out of two B33 spire ends. The craftsperson is Doug Fraser connected with Melbourne, Australia, one connected with those guys who looks on an engine, has a apprehending such a concomitant might represent a finicking twin out connected with that single, also then heads not up to par to his workshop and proceeds to build one. Oh sure, motive not?

The crackpot is a federation of BSA flywheels and Harley crankpin plus HD connecting rods. The cams are precise offs also the barrels are alloy castings represent exclusive just for this project. The crankcase is cast coming out of Doug's control molds. The 50 status V-Twin displaces 1140cc.

After all of the talk about electronic components and developing skill sets, a person inspire the feeling the indicated class connected with fit together might transpire a lot less customary the future, which would be a real shame.

Head over gone on your local bookstore and see if the August issue of Classic Bike Guide is shush over the stands or you can neaten a abet affair coming out of their site. Lots of photos connected with this precise impressive build.

Link: Classic Bike Guide
Photos: Andrew Wilson

BSA B66 V-Twin via Doug Fraser

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