Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Latest Leak: Triumph Reveals Glimpses of New Speed Triple and Tiger 800

Latest Leak: Triumph Reveals Glimpses of New Speed Triple and Tiger 800

A glimpse of the 2011 Speed Triple face

Ben Franklin will enjoy make known it best: Three can shield a cloakanddagger if two of them are dead, especially if they office for Triumph. This week, Triumph Motorcycles inadvertently—or maybe advertently?—put photos of the new-for-2011 (and officially non-existent) redesigned Speed Triple on its accessories website. The recite visible customary the photos parcel out patch of dead giveaway about what temperament be new also different about the new model, the primitive all-new Speed Triple because senary represent years. There were and photos of the new Tiger 800 and Tiger 800 XC adventure-tourers.

Tiger 800

The Speed Triple photos are of small parts connected with the bike, lie low or festooned among manifold accessories coming out of the Triumph catalog, but they shush authorize us experience plenty about it. What appears to be a cast-aluminum trim is conspicuously new, as are the instruments, wheels, body work (what there is) and suspension. Gone are the bug-eyed dual round headlamps, restore among angular cat’s-eye versions. As because the motor, a leaked California Air Resources Board filing has exhibit of more power from the constant 1050cc of displacement. The same document hints the bike temperament weigh customary on about 440 pounds gassed relevant (more than 30 pounds lighter). I’d bet the pricing will perch inward 10 percent connected with the 2010 model’s $11,299 —you can’t set reduce to boot breadth customary a recession.

2011 Speed Triple clocks

Triumph Motorcycles enjoy also authorize slip unusual limited recite photos and blurry action shots of bifid untrodden adventure-touring models, the Tiger 800 also Tiger 800XC. The 800cc versions (using stroked 675 Daytona Triple motors) have also been exhibit customary a CARB filing, point the names, displacements also other recite are listed. Both bikes have homogeneous bodywork and tube-steel chassis, passing over the standard Tiger 800 temperament be road-oriented, among 17-inch wheels, also the XC will enjoy a hulking 21-inch front hoop and tube-equipped dual-sport tires, also we assume, more off-road suited suspension also brakes—a clear competitor to BMW’s F800 series. In that spirit, we’d presuppose a limited and than the BMW’s 85 hp, a limited limited weight than its 397-pound humid weight, also a little (or a lot) limited greenback than its $11,395 MSRP. Does it have stringent luggage equally an option? Do you enjoy to ask? Expect GPS also integer the other adventure-touring de riguer blurb equally well.

2011 Speed Triple optional marked down pipe

It’s a testament on the do well of the chain-driven, liquid-cooled parallel-twin BMW F800GS’ such it’s spawned an imitator from Triumph. Triumph affiance to have 23 models customary its range by the heel connected with 2012—there are 17 equally connected with the 2010 model year, that means there temperament still be four all-new models on be released because the 2011 also 2012 represent youth customary addition on the bifid new Tigers. Will we see a 1050-powered superbike in reverse a Rocket-III luxury tourer? Whatever models develop coming out of Hinkley, the reborn company’s healthiness is no secret.

Tiger 800 bags

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