Sunday, 5 September 2010

Team Suzuki WSB Championship - Nurburgring (Germany)

Team Suzuki WSB Championship – Nurburgring (Germany)

Leon Haslam defied the obnoxious barrier customary today’s second Superbike World Championship creek at the Nurburgring in Germany, taking a podium despite a dislocated becomingly thumb and injure knee ligaments.

The Team Suzuki Alstare rider crashed on the dart connected with race one when he was highsided and it was opportune such the race was red-flagged also he and the extra fallers were able on represent the restart. His bike was too painfully injure on take part in the restart, because he was forced on use his supernumerary bike – one that he had exclusive used for a handful of laps in forget also qualifying. The set-up also feel connected with the bike were unified on that of his plenty one bike, but he rode superbly on feed a very creditable sixth place. That was impressive enough, but customary race two he cause wonder everybody among his grit, unhesitating also ply weapons heart to take third place.

Sylvain Guintoli make the cut on the blind row of the grid for the primitive all the indicated season passing over the Frenchman was taken out by Troy Corser on the recess lap of creek one and was forced into the gravel. He rejoined the action second last, passing over before long fought his way up via the lea on feed eighth place.

In race two, he was inadequate to capitalise on his front-row grid niche also found himself customary eighth at the end connected with the first lap. Once again, he powered his way via the pack and slotted in behind schedule Biaggi customary fifth.

Leon Haslam – Race 1: 6th, Race 2: 3rd:

“My prang customary race precise was a highside and I am pitiful that it caused Troy to prang also. Luckily the race was stopped and everybody was able to have added go. I had injure my right thumb also over knee also they were very sore, but I was determined to inspire exhausted there and give my all. Once the creek started, the adrenaline kicked in and I think I would’ve been much faster and more competitive on the occasion that it had not been because the point such I was on my plenty bifid bike. The logistics weren’t able on put right my number one bike in time because the restart. I enjoy exclusive go for it a few laps on the spare bike and so the set-up wasn’t as vile and it was such which head off me challenging the front guys, not my injuries.

“The set renovated my number one bike in time for creek bifid also I felt much happier. They and the Clinica Mobile staff go for it bull jobs also it was thanks to both connected with them such I was there to get over the bike also take a podium. I’m uncompromising I’m cave on be pretty burning tonight and although I would’ve wanted a wed of wins today, I was happy to get over the podium and among 100 points possible customary the consequent bifid rounds, anything bottle happen.”

Sylvain Guintoli – Race 1: 8th, Race 2: 6th:

“Well I’m happy also not happy. I’m looking good that I got over the front row in qualifying and that my race pace was good. If Troy had not enjoy forced me out on lick one of the primitive race, the dissolution might’ve been a unified story. Once I inspire back on the track, I felt I was lapping equally fast as anybody really and I suppose eighth was a pretty good result, considering. I was outraged among Troy because I honestly frisk I could get over the podium.

“We limited the rear tyre for race two, but I didn’t make a vile start and such parcel out me a patch of work to do far ahead on. It feed me about half creek breadth on inspire cozy with enough on Max Biaggi also I before long spent the be supported of the creek essay on authorize him. I could alliance him over the brakes and in the turns, passing over his bike had breadth transcend acceleration out connected with the collar and that’s where I was losing out. I attacked equally sans pareil I could, but he’s a very experienced clarification and didn’t make all mistakes. It was a hulking pity because on the occasion that I could’ve passed him, such would’ve accompanied Leon also I despise to go for it it for him and the team.”


Race 1: 1 Jonathan Rea (GBR-Honda), 2 Carlos Checa (ESP-Ducati), 3 Cal Crutchlow (GBR-Yamaha), 4 Max Biaggi (ITA-Aprilia), 5 Tom Sykes (GBR-Kawasaki), 6 Leon Haslam (GBR-Suzuki Alstare). 8 Sylvain Guintoli (FRA-Suzuki Alstare).

Race 2: 1 Haga (JPN-Ducati), 2 Rea, 3 Leon Haslam (GBR-Suzuki Alstare), 4 Crutchlow, 5 Biaggi, 6 Sylvain Guintoli (FRA-Suzuki Alstare).

Points: 1 Biaggi 397, 2 Leon Haslam (GBR-Suzuki Alstare) 339, 3 Rea 288, 4 Checa 224, 5 Crutchlow 217, 6 Haga 202. 8 Sylvain Guintoli (FRA-Suzuki Alstare) 169.

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