Thursday, 30 September 2010

BMW K1600GTL: First Official Photos

BMW K1600GTL: First Official Photos

Why should you care about cyclopean luxo-touring machines, sometimes impolitely referred on equally "barges?" Because they are the flagships because their relevant manufacturers, that’s why, and you can all up the direction a company is headed customary a single glance.

These grainy, low-res images were apparently leaked to the blog Hell For Leather. They show the impression connected with the K1600GTL, the primitive all-new luxury-touring bike BMW has introduced for over a decade. The new bike enjoy a dizzying amount of stuff to talk ones leg off about, passing over what’s notable—aside from a 160-hp, 129 ft.-lbs. of torque inline Six engine, of course—is the exercising of electronics that wouldn’t be out of affair over BMW’s top-of-the-line touring cars. Stuff be sweet on electronic suspension ordering (you can actually change hippety hop duty among the pep of a button) also a full-color display controlled with a small knob so the clarification can use the consolidate GPS, audio and Lord-knows-what-else on the fly. The headlights use electronics also sensors on disarrange for shot also bike angle

Despite all this, the K1600GTL won’t be that big, on entrylevel not set against to other cyclopean touring rigs. The engine, on 22 inches wide, is very compact because a Six. It’s and tilted forward 55 status to keep the frame marked down and narrow-feeling. A Honda Goldwing (which won’t be show because 2011—expect a new version for 2012) weighs over 900 pounds fully stripped (but doesn’t feel like it, honest), because you can bet the new BMW will be lighter, just for the final cause of corporate pride. What won’t be light is the price—the 2010 K1200LT retails because a starting point sticker price connected with $21,700, also I’m pretty sure the 1600 won’t be cheaper.

Speaking connected with corporate pride, the use connected with a new engine configuration—as origin equally car-like amenities also styling cues—speaks on the new direction at BMW Motorrad. This is over top of revolutionary (for BMW) new work be sweet on the F800 and S1000RR. Apparently no longer chain via the need to exercising traditional engines like the Boxer in reverse K-bike Four, BMW bottle angle its engineering, design also financial muscles on lay out competitive new bikes in every segment. This is in an era albeit the Japanese Big Four emerge to be shrinking their commitments to large-displacement models, losing market share and credibility among consumers. Will Europe force control back coming out of its Japanese manufacturing rivals? We eagerly be prepared for the next five represent years.

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