Thursday, 16 September 2010

ACE Cycle Car Becoming New Morgan 3 Wheeler?

ACE Cycle Car Becoming New Morgan 3 Wheeler?

The ACE Cycle Car

Remember the ACE Cycle Car? Pete Larsen is building these Harley Davidson powered beauties over in Seattle, Washington, a tip of the Stetson on the versed Morgan 3 Wheelers. Well, if you've been over to the Cycle Car website recently you'll notice a few changes, particularly a big criticism on the home page make known "Constructed under prohibit coming out of the Morgan 3 Wheeler, Ltd. Malvern, England." I wasn't aware there regularize was such a thing as the "Morgan 3 Wheeler, Ltd." currently in existence, after all, the 3 wheelers haven't been manufactured for many decades, but Morgan enjoy been fit together some nifty untrodden vehicles lately and the 3 wheeler would fit right customary equally an historical throwback with modern engineering and relevant on date design.

Rumor has it such Morgan is going to be be exhibit the ACE 3 wheeler, or a precise cozy with facsimile, as a untrodden Morgan 3 wheeler sometime soon. Morgan should have not at all qualms almost the ACE carrying the company banner, it's a gorgeous machine. No confirmation, yet, but a lot of signs are signify customary such direction. Stay tuned. Now, where's my silk scarf?

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