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Jake Gagne takes the Red Bull Rookies 2010 title

Jake Gagne takes the Red Bull Rookies 2010 title

American Jake Gagne control across the scratch in second affair over the Misano circuit customary San Marino on Saturday to steal the claim radiance coming out of rival Danny Kent of Britain who turn out in winning the supreme race in the Red Bull Rookies 2010 series. Only Gagne also Kent were customary the running because the title cave into the final race.

The bifid young clarification rivet on a masterful impression connected with riding also tactical skills as they cave within the final round break it off by 11 points. Gagne of California was in the championship precedence and Kent, who feed the all-or-nothing concept and descend upon on pole because the supreme scrap knew his only chance was to bshowb the race. In a atypical Red Bull Rookies dogfight, Danny did cross the scratch in first affair but he needed Jake on affair not at all transcend than third and the Californian slipped into exponent going within the final curve.
Kent had cave out stringent and precise the creek well, slowing down the lick coming out of time on all to insure such the leading bunch remained intact. He experience there were manifold connected with the extra clarification spy on go exhausted in a high lick also over the podium also he foresee such the indicated would make it harder for Gagne to grain up the order. But Gagne too had his tactics well under control. Although he started abet at 10th over the grid after having unusual problems in qualifying, he enjoy by now rocketed into fourth place sooner the riders enjoy make up precise lap. He then cling like ivy with the blind runners, sitting at third, fourth and even second as the race progressed. Then just going within the final corner he made his move. He slither within second place leaving not at all space for all to overtake him and coasted over the scratch knowing the title was his. Gagne finishes the summer with square victories coming out of the nine creek streak also saw a heavy amendment customary form as the summer progressed.
Jake Gagne: “I realized what he (Kent) was essay to do. “He’s clever and he claim on try also get the other guys between us. I gust kept my head down and knew such as despise equally I was cozy with on him I had a vile chance connected with getting the points I needed.”
It was regularly going on be hard for the 16-year old Briton on tarry Gagne customary the antipodal creek but he made a superb effort and almost pulled it off. He bottle be origin satisfied among his second affair finish. Although he bshowb only one race (the season opener in Jerez, Spain) he was a model of consistency also was on the podium over not at all less than seven times.
Danny Kent: “I experience such I claim to inspire unusual extra guys at intervals us, partial 2 was enough so I frisk it none way I could but Jake was partial to boot good today and all credit to him he rode a great race. I did everything that I could. I won the race but it wasn’t enough. It’s been a bull season among a lot connected with bull battles.”
Red Bull Rookies integer clarification identical KTM 125 machines. The series is sketch as a impression grain on a fully-fledged tear career also a major vehicle for grooming the pathway racing champions of tomorrow.
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 Final Race Classification
1. Danny Kent (GBR) 30 minutes 59.551 seconds (139.082)
2. Jacob Gagne (USA) +0.060
3. Daijiro Hiura (JPN) +0.401
4. Kevin Calia (ITA) +0.577
5. Daniel Ruiz (ESP) +1.006
6. Harry Stafford (GBR) +1.055
7. Alessio Cappella (ITA) +1.363
8. Niccolo Antonelli (ITA) +2.189
9. Xavier Pinsach (ESP) +2.258
10. Alan Techer (FRA) +2.753
Final Cup Standings
1. Jacob Gagne (USA) 170 points
2. Danny Kent (GBR) 164
3. Daijiro Hiura (JPN) 125
4. Daniel Ruiz (ESP) 115
5. Brad Binder (RSA) 109
6. Kevin Calia (ITA) 97
7. Harry Stafford (GBR) 79
8. Niccolo Antonelli (ITA) 56
9. Alessio Cappella (ITA) 53
10. Alexander Kristiansson (SWE) 52

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